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Hayes Brake

Hayes Brake is a manufacturer of a variety of different brakes for a huge assortment of vehicles. I worked on this project in partnership with Alternative Advertising.

WooCommerce Customizations

The goal of this project was to create an online catalogue of their products. For managing the products, I used WooCommerce in combination with a custom plugin to do some heavy modifications to their product pages.

This custom plugin also allowed the Hayes Brake team to quickly and easily create specifications tables and add in all sorts of graphs associated with the brake.

hayes product
Product page

Product Archives

Another interesting feature, which for some reason does not work in WooCommerce out-of-the-box, is the ability to query multiple categories and show them all on one archive page. My custom plugin adds in this functionality.

hayes product
Modified Product Archive

I also ended up doing a lot of theme modifications.

As this was a custom theme and codebase that I inherited and had to work with, it was really interesting to see how other developers build their WordPress themes. This one was quite the jungle of code to sort through and improve!

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