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Real Wealth Marketing

"In addition to beautiful design for marketing pieces and websites, Josh also has a spectacular ability to create brand new programs to help make data entry and other tasks more efficient. It’s SO helpful!" - Jade Paczelt, Advisor Success Coach

Though WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform, it has become a very popular and versatile tool for building any kind of website and even web applications! RealWealth® Marketing is a good example of really expanding WordPress’s default capabilities.

About RealWealth® RealWealth® is a Marketing resource for Companies and Individuals of the Financial Industry. Supplying their subscribers with Weekly and Monthly podcasts about a wide array of topics pertaining to the industry as well as Webinars and tools for a Financial Advisor’s everyday marketing and client relationship needs.

About the Site A screenshot of the RealWealth Podcast Library A screenshot of the RealWealth® Marketing Podcast Library With hidden content only viewable to logged in members of the site, multiple custom post types, dynamic forms, and e-Commerce capabilities, RealWealth® Marketing is a big project!

This site features a member login dashboard which includes Podcast, Webinar, and Marketing Tools Libraries, all created and managed using our a custom-built plugin, “RealWealth Custom Post Types”.

The Current State of Audio and Video on the Web With HTML5, these days getting audio and video to play nice on the web is getting easier, especially with the help of WordPress’s built-in functionality. Making use of MediaElementJS in WordPress’s core allows for great cross-browser support as well as a nice fallback to Flash for browsers that need it!

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