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What Plow Fits My Truck?

Do you own a truck? Have you ever wondered "What plow will fit this thing"? Well, if you have, this latest project will answer that question for you!

Built in partnership with GetSIM.

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I was tasked with building what I describe as a plow/truck match-maker. It was a requirement that this tool be integrated into WordPress as a plugin.

This plugin features a WordPress admin page where the Snoway staff can manipulate as well as import/export the configuration data as a CSV. It uses PHP/MySQL for server-side logic and database, and VueJS on the frontend.

What Plow Fits My Truck - Selections
What Plow Fits My Truck - Selections / SVG Animation

It also features some fun SVG animation as you input your vehicle's configuration.

What Plow Fits My Truck - Final Results
What Plow Fits My Truck - Final Results

If you complete all the steps and are viewing the results, you are even able to compare plow specs as well as dynamically generate a PDF report that even includes additional parts and accessories. I found that dynamically creating PDFs with Advanced layouts was not too painful, utilizing the amazing jsPDF.js library.

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